Cricket Ball Stop Netting
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Cricket Ball Stop Netting – 50 mm (2″)

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High quality black polyethylene knotted netting 50mm (2″) square mesh. Ideal for use on the perimeters of cricket fields.


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Product Description

Cricket Ball Stop Netting

Our Cricket Ball stop netting is made from Black Polyethylene knotted netting 50mm (2″) square mesh. This netting is mainly used as boundary netting or perimeter netting.

We supply quality netting at the lowest prices!

Ideal for use on the perimeters of cricket fields. We also sell this type of netting as Anti Litter Netting. It is used on many Landfill sites in the UK.

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We do not supply any Poles or Frames. We do supply cable ties, straining wire and fixing pegs that may be of use when putting up your boundary netting.

Our Cricket Ball Stop Netting is durable, all purpose perimeter netting which allows clear visibility whilst acting as a safety barrier. It blends well with the environment, provides protection for the public, surrounding area, buildings and traffic.

Key Features:

  • The strong, knotted netting is UV Stabilized able to withstand strong winds.
  • Ball Stop Netting can be installed permanently or on a temporary basis.
  • A mesh size of 50 mm x 50 mm provides a strong safety barrier while allowing visibility


Additional Information

Piece Size

3 mtrs x 25 mtrs, 4 mtrs x 25 mtrs, 6 mtrs x 25 mtrs, 8 mtrs x 25 mtrs, 10 mtrs x 25 mtrs, 3 mtrs x 50 mtrs, 4 mtrs x 50 mtrs, 6 mtrs x 50 mtrs, 8 mtrs x 50 mtrs, 10 mtrs x 50 mtrs, 3 mtrs x 100 mtrs, 4 mtrs x 100 mtrs, 6 mtrs x 100 mtrs, 8 mtrs x 100 mtrs, 10 mtrs x 100 mtrs


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