Building a Release Pen

When Building a Release Pen – Collins Nets has got what you need!

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Many release pens are now made with galvanised wire netting for the bottom two – three feet and jumbo or gameflex plastic netting above giving the desired height.

Gamekeepers are now using a type of pen that is cheaper and easier to put up.

In the past galvanised wire netting was used for the perimeter of the pen with a smaller mesh 19mm – 31mm on the bottom half to keep out the small vermin. 31mm – 5omm mesh was then used for the top half of the pen to give the height required to keep out foxes and deer.

Galvanised wire netting is still used for the bottom half in the same way – folding out about 1ft of the mesh along the floor. Generally Metal Securing Pins are used to peg the wire down all the way around the pen.

Jumbo Release Pen Netting (or Heavy Game Net) is being used more and more by Gamekeepers as the word spreads about how much easier it is to work with. Jumbo is much lighter, doesn’t rust and acts efficiently as a semi rigid fencing to give height to a release pen at a cost effective price.

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Straining Wire is usually positioned at the top of the wooden posts and another strand about 2-3ft up depending on where the wire mesh finishes and meets the plastic mesh. The Jumbo or Gameflex plastic mesh would usually be attached to the straining wire at the top and to the straining wire and galvanised wire at the bottom. To make life easy you can use Hog Ring Pliers and Hog Rings for the job.

You will also need to think about re entry holes for your game birds to be able to get back in to the pen. We stock Fox Grids here, bargain price for full boxes of 10!

All our essential items for building a release pen can be found here under ‘Game Rearing Essentials’

Take a look at the gallery of photographs here of a local Gamekeepers pen:

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